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We are a full service facilitation company providing services to major oil & gas companies, both local and international, operating for over 25 years. We signed on with Houston Media Lab (Brian Spencer) to do some work on our website, not only are they incompetent, we no longer have a functional website.

In May 2011, we spoke with Houston Media Lab "” Brian Spencer about customizing/designing a Word Press site with the alternate option of building a site from scratch. We decided Word Press would be our best option as we wanted a content management system.

We simply wanted all items from our old website to be moved over, then we would maintain it on our own via WordPress. Instead, Houston Media Lab - Brian Spencer, lost our entire secondary website used to directly communicate with our clients (this website did not need to be altered in the first place, simply backed up and moved over). Brian Spencer did not back up our MySQL database and then attempted to blame our previous web developer 3 months after we moved on from them and hired him (Brian Spencer) as our new developer. We spent hundreds of hours on putting content into our secondary site over the 2-3 year period, and now, because of Houston Media Lab, we lost everything. After the site went down, Brian Spencer then led us on for 45 days saying he and his "team" were working on getting everything moved over, only to later show us a virtually empty page that could have been put together in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, Brian Spencer was more interested in financial gain rather than doing all that as promised to us. He hounded us and whined requesting we submit payment, when all we wanted to see was complete and professional work. Once payment was received, he rarely responded to our emails. In conclusion, Houston Media Lab has cost us thousands of dollars and we still don't have a website.

This is a amateur company claiming to build websites. We strongly advise refraining from doing business with this one-man band company. In the end, we were left with a $35 template purchased by Houston Media Lab (Brian Spencer) with absolutely no customizations. We did research and found our template here . Brian Spencer didn't even bother changing the images when he presented the WordPress site to us. This company is VERY bad news.

Review about: Website Design.


Houston, Texas, United States #730007

To the guy (Abdullah) who complained below about not receiving his wedding photography:

1) Brian Styles Photography has nothing to do with this company page. My Yelp reviews show 5 stars across the board.

2) Google Maps shows 2300 McKinney as "Francisco's Studios." It is a registered business that rents out it's facility to artists, bands, and photographers. Many businesses are located at this address.

3) The contract you signed stated very clearly that if the wedding was not cancelled 30 days before the wedding date, no refund could be given. You cancelled your wedding 7 days before the wedding date. Your ex-fiance has the proof in writing and I will supply the signed contract to anyone who asks. For those interested in receiving a copy of this signed contract between Abdullah and I, please e-mail me at info@brianstyles.net

Abdullah, get a life. Your ex-fiance also says the same.

Concord, California, United States #705397

I hired this guy owner/operator of www.brianstyles.net for my wedding photo/video shoot. Paid him $3300 upfront and now he will not respond to my calls or text messages.

His address on my invoice is an abandoned building

2300 McKinney Street Houston,TX

This guy is a liar and a cheat! Steer clear of this douche.


Payment is for designing and implementing the website.How can you own the copyright to a design you did not create yourself?

People who don't understand the law make owning a business, such as web design, very difficult. Talk about "12 year old working out of a parents basement"...these clients need to take a look at themselves and how they're acting. They talk like children instead of taking the appropriate routes to try and rectify a situation they feel needs to be addressed. Who can take clients like this seriously?

We are done with web design.It isn't worth our time and effort.


What we find odd is that we've never done business with anyone out of "Navarre, Florida." This website is a hoax because people can continue to "hate" on a company without providing any sort of legitimate documentation to back up their claims. What a farce.


I have very similar complaints with this company owned by Brian spencer.Completely unprofessional.

He acts like a 12 year old doing business in his parents basement. He promised us to build a custom website with a wordpress back end only to offer a site built with raw html and no way for someone like me to modify it. Not only did he brake our contract several more times, after months of building the site and finally getting it live (several months late) he claimed that it belongs to him and he has complete ownership and copyrights-- even after payment!!!! Stear clear of Houston media labs!

when you contract out work like web design make sure it is clear that you own the work.I've considered filing an official complaint with the BBB Which he prominently displays on each of his emails.


From what we understand, templates are used as the framework for a website.It decreases the amount of time needed for development.

We told houston media labs that if they wanted to use a template for our website that they would at least have to have it customized so it did not look anything like the default template. They did as promised. We could not be happier.


Shouldn't the client be responsible for their own backups?What a ridiculous complaint.


most "web design" companies use templates purchased on third party websites. whats new? get over it.


Please pay attention to the reviewer if you don't want to be cheated by this so called company.

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